The Hero Venture

The universal quest of human life is represented over and over in myth and story throughout the ages, in culture after culture, and extending back through written and oral traditions as far as we can reach.  In its simplest terms, the subject of the story is called upon to fulfil a task, in pursuit of which he or she is inevitably confronted by obstacles and adversity, yet discovers help or guidance when they are needed, and achieves attainments or benefits often undreamed of at the outset.

In this series of workshops participants will, through the practical tools of guided creativity and personal ritual, explore how the characters and landscapes of the archetypal myth influence their own lives.

We can come to know and integrate the internal forces to which we are subject by engaging with them in symbolic or personified forms, as we have done historically and are intuitively prepared to do. Thus inner conflicts are resolved and their energy and strength redirected in the service of our well being. The Inner Hero and the Saboteur, the light and the dark, the challenges and the triumphs, they are all both universal and uniquely our own, both the material of our personal stories and our own personal resources.

Facilitated by Richard Stephens, and based on the work of Joseph Campbell and Paul Rebillot.

Time and Place

The workshops are arranged over four weekends between February and May, 2014.  They are structured so that participants can choose to take part in the first weekend, February 8th and 9th only.  Those taking part in further workshops, from the weekend of March 8th and 9th onward, are asked to commit to the whole series. 

February 8th and 9th

March 8th and 9th

April 12th

May 10th and 11th

The Isbourne Holistic Centre, 3 Wolseley Terrace, Off Oriel Road, Cheltenham GL50 1TH     01242 254321

£70.00 for the first weekend,  £215.00 for all four. 

Please make bookings through The Isbourne Centre.