Men's Groups

How do changing expectations and opportunities in relationships, in families, in social and working lives, affect us as individual men?

Are contradictions between our traditional or inherent masculine identity and the roles demanded of us creating inner conflict, making us lose touch with ourselves?  Do they rob us of purpose and fulfilment, or can we adapt and evolve, assimilate change and discover newer, perhaps richer, ways of being ourselves?

Media reports and published research suggest that as well as experiencing worse outcomes from family crises, including estrangement from their children, males suffer disproportionate levels of a whole raft of ills including unemployment, depression, and suicide.  At a more general level, a subliminal sense of being dis-empowered, of not fitting the models we absorbed in childhood, of not feeling able to express with integrity and authenticity who we are, undermines our well-being, our relationships and our effectiveness.

These groups aim to develop awareness of these issues, and to develop personal resources that will assist us to address them creatively and constructively, so that we can own, honour and fulfil our individual identities.  They are practical groups, and the content will be led by the needs and interests of the participants, with facilitation, structure and support by Richard Stephens. 

The facilitator will be drawing on his knowledge and resources as a Creative Arts Therapist and group worker, as well as his extensive experience in industry, commerce and public service.

Times and Places

Men's groups in Stroud, Cheltenham, and Newport (Pembrokeshire) will resume in the spring of 2014.  If you think you might like to take part, watch this space for details or contact