Richard Stephens   Dramatherapist and Environmental Arts Therapist

What does it mean to be a man? 
Am I a warrior, a master, or a misfit?

How can I be myself? 

What about power? 

What about responsibility?

Should I be ashamed of how I feel, or should I proclaim it, celebrate it?

Is there a 'man's role'?

Why is there increasing  depression among males?

The Men's Groups provide opportunities to reflect, explore and celebrate being male in an age of change and confusion. 


Workshops for self-development, healing and growth

A guided journey of imagination, ritual and play. 

This series of practical workshops is inspired by the universal form of myths and stories through the ages.  It is designed to enable participants to identify and engage with their own personal expressions of the archetypes that these traditions represent.  In a supportive and structured environment, we will explore the drama of these inner forces and move towards their resolution and integration, so that they can serve us in our daily lives and on our path towards wholeness. 

Often words alone are not enough; they can be hard to find and, sometimes, too hard to say. Dramatherapy creates a safe place to explore feelings, experiences and beliefs without feeling judged or threatened, and to discover new ways of being in the world.  Action and reflection, engaging the memories and learning abilities of our bodies and the deep understanding embodied in myths and stories, lead us to new insights, to healing and growth.

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Dramatherapy for individuals and groups